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SCU Faculty Courses (J-Term or Summer)

Summer 2020 Faculty-Led Programs
J-Term Faculty Led and UMAIE Programs
  UMAIE 2021 - Warriors and Wonder Women: The Classical World in the 20th Century Imagination (Greece & France)

UMAIE 2021 - Dharma, Karma and the Glitter of the Maharajas: Hindu Kingship in Nepal

UMAIE 2021 - Maori Music, Culture and Literature: REsisting the Legacy of Colonialism in New Zealand

UMAIE T5224 Photo
UMAIE 2021 - Arab & Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco

UMAIE 2021 - Speaking Out: The Arts and Social Issues in the UK and Ireland

UMAIE 2021 - Chiseling God: History, Culture, and Divinity in Ancient Greece

UMAIE T5232 Photo
UMAIE 2021 - Mediterranean Crossroads: People and Environments in Ancient & Modern Italy

UMAIE 2021 - The Science of Exercise in Costa Rica

UMAIE 2021 - The Chemical Industry in Germany: Historical Beginnings and Industrialization

UMAIE T5234 Photo
UMAIE 2021 - Hawai'i: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations

The priority application period lasts from the time the applications open on April 1 until the priority application deadline on April 15.  All applications submitted during the priority application period will be reviewed by the faculty member(s) leading the course after the priority application deadline.  In other words, it doesn't matter if you complete your application right on April 1, or if you enter the final piece of information you need on April 15... all applications submitted during the priority application period will be reviewed at the same time.  

Students who submit an application during the priority application period will be notified of a decision on their application by email no later than the end of the Spring Semester. If a course has more applicants than space available at the priority application deadline, a waitlist of up to 10 students will be created.  Students not accepted to their first choice of program may switch their application to another program or request a refund of their program deposit. 

Additional applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis after the priority deadline, as space is available, until the October 1, 2019 final deadline.

Program information will be published on the program brochure pages as it is available; program pricing will not be available until the very end of March/beginning of April.  
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