5581 0 Passport You will need either a valid passport or a copy of your passport application or receipt confirming payment of your passport application when starting a study abroad application. Have one of these available as you will be asked to enter information from the passport or upload a copy of the passport application or receipt onto your application. NOTE: If you do the latter, the passport item listed on your application will not be checked off until the information from a valid passport is entered into the application. However, there will be a note on your application and seen by the Office of Global Studies showing that a passport application is in progress. This is acceptable, so please do not be alarmed. If you have further questions The Office of Global Studies can assist you. Either email Global Studies or call ext. 6472.
Additionally, if you are applying for a domestic program, please skip the questions that refer to the passport.
5761 0 Deadlines MARCH 28th J-term 2018 and Spring 2018 semester applications open! J-term priority deadline is April 12th. Final application deadline is October 1st. All application documents must be checked off to be considered a completed application. 0 5762 0 ALL ITEMS MUST BE MARKED RECEIVED TO BE CONSIDERED A SUBMITTED APPLICATION Deposit 2 is not required by the priority deadline to be considered a priority applicant. 0 6014 0 Make an appointment with our new Study Abroad Advisor Meet Neela, the new Study Abroad Advisor, and find out more about semester, year, and summer study abroad options by making an appointment at neelaglobalstudies.youcanbook.me. 283