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UMAIE Courses

UMAIE Logo St. Catherine University is part of the UMAIE Consortium,
a group of five colleges and university that have agreed
to offer short term, faculty led programs to all of their
students.  Some of the courses listed through UMAIE
will be taught by St. Kate's faculty members; others
will not.  St. Kate's students will receive 4 credits for
UMAIE courses, unless otherwise noted.  Applications for
UMAIE courses will open on March 26.  The priority
application deadline is April 13th, and the final application
deadline is October 1. 

The Americas
St Kate Faculty
Women in the Wilderness: Exploring the Landscapes and Arts in the Southwest U.S.
St Kate Faculty
Sustainability through a Business Lens: Explosring People, Planet and Profits in Chile
  Race, Gender, and Revolution in Cuba

St Kate Faculty
Amazons and Wonder Women: The Classical World in the Modern Imagination
St Kate Faculty
Immigration and Belonging in Europe: Refugees and Immigrants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom
  Arab and Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco
  Chiseling God: History, Culture and Divinity in Ancient Greece
  The British Roots of American Journalism
  European Union and Cities: Regional Integration and Urbanization in the European Union
  Mozart, Beethoven & Beyond: The Music and Culture of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest
  John Paul II in his Polish Context
  The Chemical Industry in Germany: Historical Beginnings and Industrialization
  The Theatre of England
  Epic Story-Making: The Olympic Games in Literature and Media
  Mediterranean Crossroads: People and Environments from Sicily to Rome
  Surviving Adolescence: Literary "Adulting" in England, the Netherlands and Italy

Asia and the South Pacific
St Kate Faculty
Resisting the Legacy of Colonialism: History, Culture and Literature of the Maori                                                                              
St Kate Faculty
Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy in Nepal
  The Religions and People of India
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