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J-Term Course Information

Top 15 Questions about J-term Courses Abroad
Is there financial aid available?

J-term courses are billed to your spring tuition bill, so you can use any additional financial aid for spring that you have available. Additional scholarships for J-term abroad are rarely available, however, if they do become available it will be posted on Global Studies website and in each program brochure.

What do I need to apply for a J-term Course?

All applications consist of a non-refundable $30 application fee and a deposit: $500 for international courses (applications completed before July 31 can opt to pay the deposit in 2 installments), $300 for domestic courses, essay questions, financial aid verification form (if using financial aid), an unofficial transcript and the signature of several forms. While a passport is not required in order to apply, you do need to upload onto your study abroad application a copy of the paperwork confirming you have applied for one.

What is the deadline for enrolling?

Applications will open the week of March 28th.  April 12th is the priority deadline for applications, otherwise until course is full or final deadline October 1st.

Be aware that some of the courses will fill by the priority deadline.  To increase your chances of getting into the course you want, it is important to complete your application by April 12th. 

May I see the course description and syllabus?

Course descriptions for all J-term 2018 courses will be available on the Office of Global Studies website by the end of February. Syllabi will be posted later in the fall semester.

What requirement will this course fulfill?

Information is available on the Office of Global Studies website within the course description. We also have a handout available in our office.

Where exactly are we going? What’s the itinerary?

A list of cities is included in the course description on Studio Abroad. Final itineraries with specific details will be available at the end of the fall semester. 

Where will we be staying?

Generally two or three star hotels and sometimes hostels in Europe. Occasionally, short homestays are included. (Clean, safe, basic accommodations.)

What are the exact travel dates?

Typically courses run for three to three and a half weeks. There are a few shorter courses. Specific dates vary; refer to course descriptions on the Office of Global Studies website

How much will it cost? What is covered in that cost?

Varies by course; more information available on the Office of Global Studies website at the end of March. 

How many students can the course take?

GSJ courses take 20 students, however, UMAIE courses can take up to 26 students; see the course description on-line for more information.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

If you apply for UMAIE by priority deadline, you will hear back via email by the first week of May. 
If you apply for GSJ or other St. Kate’s faculty-led courses by the priority deadline, you will hear back by end of spring term. Please note: some faculty may request group interviews before acceptance. Please watch your e-mail for this request.

When can I apply for a GSJ course?

Must be a junior or senior to apply for a GSJ and priority is given to seniors who make priority deadline.

Your status as a junior or senior is based off of the number of credits you have completed by the end of the spring term preceding the J-term GSJ course. Ex. Juniors > 60 credits and Seniors > 92 credits by June 2017.

What are my chances of getting into the course?

First of all, you should apply by the priority deadline of April 12th in order to increase your odds.
You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA; faculty look at GPA, so higher is usually better.
You cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation at the time of application or any time up through completion of the course.
The quality of your essay is incredibly important. It is the primary tool faculty use for making their decision, it demonstrates how engaged you are with the course;
demonstrates your interests, what you bring to the course, and what you will get out of it and it demonstrates your writing ability.

What if I don’t get into the course that I want?

You could be moved to a wait list. If this occurs, you can decide whether to stay on the wait list or you could apply for another course.
If you decide to withdraw from the course based on being wait listed or you are denied acceptance, your deposit will be refunded.
Withdrawals must be received in writing (via e-mail) by the Office of Global Studies.

Can I fly separate from the course (go earlier, stay later) or fly out from a different city?

Requests for a “flight deviation” are reviewed on a case-by case basis and incur an additional fee. Please contact the Office of Global Studies as early as possible with your request.